Alexis Romero
We want to guide companies through the innovative world of IT

ALEXIS ROMERO for over 10 years offers technical support services at businesses, offices, small and medium-sized companies that need an immediate and effective response to all the computer problems that could compromise their work. The speed of intervention and the preparation of our technicians are the basis of our success by ensuring and guaranteeing always a quick help and a complete and professional support for your every need. We operate throughout the calabria.



We design systems hardware and network systems to meet the needs of our customers with a focus on the reduction of running costs. We develop systems for SMES, public bodies, professional leagues, free medium and large companies, which are implemented through strict requirements analysis techniques. Through highly reliable and specialized partners we provide hardware and software solutions for every industry.


We provide specialized technical assistance quickly both on site is on our customers ' needs taking into account professional center with possibility of hiring replacement machines. On request we deal with General or specific computer training. Also through our site, we offer our clients a highly usable to request our intervention quickly specialist.


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